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Mobile & Clever

Our washing lines are made to the highest standards using superior materials. All our lines are mobile & easy to move. You can easily take advantage of good weather by drying your clothes as nature intended & should the weather change you an quickly move your line into your garage or shed - Clever Line.

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Cut Energy Costs

First for energy efficiency. First for sustainability. First for innovation. For the first time we have integrated key user friendly features with environmentally friendly technology in one enticing package. If you’ve never considered buying a Lineman before, or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing Lineman products, the Winning Line range has been designed to showcase some of our best technological ideas and innovations at an affordable price.

Clothes Care

Hanging your clothes to dry outside on one of our Lineman range will cut down on wear and tear, allowing your clothes to last longer. LineMan allows you to dry your clothes naturally which is better for your clothes and better for the environment. Clothes that have been properly hung on your LineMan will dry in the right shape, virtually wrinkle-free, and essentially ready to wear.

Health Benefits

Drying clothes indoors raises moisture in the home by 30 per cent on wash days and 15 per cent on average. Researchers said three-quarters of homes surveyed had moisture levels that could lead to dust mite growth and were at risk of increased concentration of mould spores. As you can imagine this can be cause health problems and drying clothes outdoors is better everyone in the home

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We are open to the public again!

LineMan Mobile Clotheslines are pleased to inform we are in a position to open to the general public as from Monday 15th June, albeit with new safety measures in shop. All products are still available for collection at gate. Line deliveries and onsite repairs have resumed. Thank you for your patience and keep safe. Michael,…

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Customer Testimonials

I love my line one of the best things I ever bought- well worth the investment as it is saving me a fortune in tumble drying. Changed all the beds on Monday and it took all the sheets, duvet covers etc with no problem. Wasn't sure at first whether to spend the extra money on the premier model with the peg baskets and laundry but am so glad I did as it makes it so easy to work at that height. Ps my mechanical engineer husband was majorly impressed with the build quality.

Claire Kelly