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Goodbye Rain


Goodbye Rain

Unpredictable weather

With Lineman you don’t have to depend on sunny days to get your washing dry. Lineman mobility enables you to push your line in to the garage or under shelter if the weather isn’t looking good – Goodbye rain!!

Speed of shelter

No more having to get the whole family outside to race around trying to bring in the damp washing when it begins to rain. Just simply push the line under shelter where your clothes can continue to dry.

Say goodbye to the washing dilemma we all have had when miles from home. If you are heading away for the day and think it might rain you can simply push Lineman under shelter and feel confident that your laundry will still be drying.


Winter washing

Continue to use your Lineman in winter. Drying your clothes in the house is not recommended as it creates condensation. We recommend that if you have a garage you could keep your Lineman under shelter over the cold winter days and the circulation of air is certain to dry your clothes.

Fully galvanised

Lineman is not only for users who have garage access. So if you don’t have a garage or any form of shelter no need to worry. Lineman is fully galvanised meaning it is rust proof and weather resilient.