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Hello Sunshine


Hello Sunshine

Lineman mobility ensures efficient drying

Lineman mobility means you can follow the sun or wind to have your washing dry and ready in no time.

Lineman takes care of your clothes

With LineMan you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of your clothes that often occurs when using a tumble dryer. Your clothes are being worn out by rubbing together in your dryer. Have you seen how much lint your dryer collects? This lint is essentially fragments of your clothes.

Hanging your clothes to dry outside on one of our Lineman range will cut down on the wear and tear, allowing your clothes to last longer. LineMan allows you to dry your clothes naturally which is better for your clothes and better for the environment.

Clothes that have been properly hung on your LineMan will dry in the right shape, virtually wrinkle-free, and essentially ready to wear.


The best bleach is the Sun

The sun is a natural whitener, line drying items out in the warm sunshine helps to naturally bleach and whiten the items hanging on your LineMan. No need for bleach and it’s a free!

Air-drying eliminates static cling

Electric dryers produce static electricity by rubbing clothes over each other repeatedly.

Fresh air drying

Fresh Mountain Air, Cool Breeze, Spring Rain, these are just a few of the fresh air smells that the commercial product companies are trying to bottle up and sell to you. With Lineman you can have it for free by simply hanging your clothes out!

Time spent outside in the sunshine!

Lineman gives you the perfect excuse to spend fifteen minutes outside with the kids soaking in some vitamin D. Vitamin D offers a safe route to better health by promoting proper function of the bones, heart, brain, immune system, you name it.

Good for the Environment

Our generation is facing perhaps the greatest challenges of all: fighting climate change. With today’s environmental issues, we are committed, like you, to doing our little bit for the planet.

By using Lineman you are conserving energy.

Live greener with Lineman.