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Premier LineMan (shown with optional basket bracket system)

Drying performance and Design- Taken to the edge.
Largest and most popular model perfect for larger family sizes to cater for all your laundry needs.

LinePremier is our most advanced ever. We refined, re-imagined and redesigned every feature. The result is an elegant ‘all-in-one’ line that is fit for your entire laundry drying needs. LinePremier handles family life with style. With expressive design, eco-friendly, innovative technology, the LinePremier has thought of everything, leaving you to enjoy free time and fresh smelling clothes. No line has ever brought so much to laundry.

Product description

Why Premier LineMan is perfect for you

  • Stronger, wider and more robust yet very easy to manoeuvre
  • Long enough to take king sized sheets or throws but not too long to cause sagging lines
  • Carries up to 4 loads of washing comfortably
  • Core system with height and space to maximise drying and wind catchment through the design
  • Accessories include: Basket bracket system , laundry basket, two peg baskets – laundry at waist level saves stooping and makes washdays easier.
  • Provides maximum stability in windy conditions with both wide and weighted base together with our quality brake system.
  • Rest easy knowing you are aiding the environment
  • Stylish and sleek appearance accessorises your home.
  • Peace of mind with our 3 year guarantee




  • (A) Width 4ft 4inches (1.31 metres)
  • (B) Length 8ft 2inches (2.5 meters)
  • (C) Height 6ft 2inches (1.89 meters)

Optional Basket bracket system:

  • Provides a practical place to set down washing at waist level which in turn does away with stooping
  • A spring loaded galvanised frame which is attached to the end of the line and can be removed easily for storage purposes
  • Detachable design ensures maximum safety.

  • 5” polyurethane heavy-duty roller bearing axle wheels (all four braking) for ease of movement. Unique, easy to use press on/off braking system so doesn’t destroy shoes.
  • 4.5mm thick polypropylene line wire. No metal in centre to rust and can be tensioned without fear of breakages. Lasts longer than ordinary clothesline wire and holds pegs better.
  • Snap in grommets: these protect the line wire from steel frame
  • Tensioning system: easy to tighten line wire when required so no more drooping lines.
  • Weighted base: provides maximum wind resistance for heavily laden line
  • Wide base: added protection from wind.
  • Bolt covers: to protect clothing

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