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Reasons to line dry


Reasons to line dry

Lineman saves you electricity costs

Did you know that your tumble dryer is one of the top energy users in your home? Yes, it is right up there next to your refrigerator, lights, and your water heater. With Lineman you will be saving money on your energy bills. Now who doesn’t want to do that?!
“Tumble dryers are known energy guzzlers…The cost of running a tumble dryer over its lifetime really adds up. While tumble dryers are a lot more efficient than a decade ago, few are achieving the official A-rating and many can cost over £100 a year to run” (Which? Magazine)

Time management

People often find that when tumble drying they need to be there when the dryer stops or everything comes out wrinkled, or maybe shrunk if left to long. When you line dry, you can walk away – go shopping, have fun, garden, whatever – and the clothes will be fine no matter how long they hang on the line once they are dry.

Social aspect

Spend some quality time with your family/neighbours when using Lineman while you also get the benefit of soaking in some Vitamin D.

It’s therapeutic

While your body is doing something basic and methodical, Lineman provides you with a few minutes of peace with your thoughts where your mind is free to wander. Researchers find that people experience an enhanced mood and higher self-esteem after just 5minutes of spending time outside. (Which? Magazine)

We go through less laundry

Since line drying takes a (tiny) bit more time, we become more aware of whether our clothes actually need to be washed, or whether they could be worn an extra time- making washdays easier for you.


Don’t rush it, enjoy it

You can do it leisurely at your own pace, in a world that’s so fast-paced.

Good for the Environment

Our generation is facing perhaps the greatest challenges of all: fighting climate change. With today’s environmental issues, we are committed, like you, to doing our little bit for the planet.

By using Lineman you are conserving energy

Live greener with Lineman.

Offers simplicity

A nostalgic return to traditional family chores. In the same way that we have embraced the reusable shopping bag. We can learn to love drying again.

It’s fun

Using LineMan can be an outdoor experience that is meditative and community-building.